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Video production, advantages and opportunities

Tell a story. Capture attention. Explain values, goals and facts, without being boring. Nowadays, the video is perhaps the main ally for finding our way around the complex world of communication. Moving images can now be enjoyed everywhere– on computers, on tablets, on smartphones, on the more traditional television or screened at meetings – and can, therefore, reach an extremely wide audience, communicating stories, faces and figures in just a few minutes.

Video production is therefore a fundamental part of the strategy of companies, organisations and associations. For this reason, it is essential to find a qualified team that is able to translate a simple idea into an effective tool of communication.

The three advantages of videos

1) Communication impact

Immediacy and ability to convey emotions: videos allow a business to stand out to a greater extent than with images or simple text. There is also plenty of opportunity for creativity to ensure that all needs are met.

2) Storytelling

Producing a video means, first of all, creating quality content that is able to make people reflect, that brings enjoyment or entertains. It, therefore, tells a story.
Storytelling is a fundamental marketing and communication tool today and moving images are prefectly able to meet this need.

3) Ability to become viral

Modern online platforms allow your preferred content to be shared in seconds, with just a click. If that content is of high quality, it ensures rapid and effective distribution, involving a large number of users.

Animated and 3d infographics meet the power of live capture

In addition to offering an animated and 3d infographic service, which is ideal for explaining data and figures in an intuitive, brilliant way, we at Hub Editoriale also provide an excellent company video production service using live footage. Thanks to the support of qualified partners, we are able to follow all stages, from planning to post-production and editing.

Videos are, therefore, the ideal solution for illustrating your business, beginning with the people and places behind companies, associations and organisations, but also for presenting important events, national and international reunions or significant anniversaries. We can also create interview videos, to reveal the faces within the company, whether top managers or workers who contribute each day to achieving goals.

The applications of these videos are many. We at HubEditoriale work alongside our partners in the production of advertising videos, television adverts and video bites that promote businesses in a wide range of channels, while always ensuring effective and immediate communication.

Furthermore, company videos can also be used on-line, in website presentation pages or in blogs, or can be shared on the main social media platforms, where they could go viral and acquire significant visibility at reduced costs.

Video Production in Milan and Verona, our company’s two headquarters, combine the creation of animated and 3d infographics – rooted in Hub Editoriale’s DNA – with the production of live videos, thanks to the skills, experience and excellence of our partners. In both cases, the result is the same: a high quality product, with great impact, which captures attention.

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