Our international partners


Well-respected since 1835

Founded in 1835 in France, Agence France-Presse (AFP) is one of the world’s most renowned press agencies. Today AFP has a worldwide network of collaborators, which, on a daily basis, produce news, photojournalism reports, videonews and graphics for the most important global media outlets.

In our Dataroom, publishers can find exclusive infographics and videographics from AFP translated into Italian.


Three thousand professionals from every part of the world

EFE is the most important press agency in Spain and can count on a team of over 3,000 professionals from over 60 countries worldwide.

Specialized in multimedia journalism, every day it produces infographics that are exclusively translated by Hub Editoriale and are available in our Dataroom.


A comprehensive approach

With 15,000 in 91 countries, the British agency Reuters is a unique power in the world of information.

Reuters’ approach to news is fully comprehensive: content, photographs and videos are produced in their thousands on a daily basis and fill the one of the largest archives in the world.


A passion for data journalism

Specialized in data collection and the processing of in-depth market and statistical research in political and economic areas, Statista is an important point of reference for data journalism.

Its infographics appear on a daily basis in international media reports and in Italy are distributed exclusively by Hub Editoriale, translated for the national media and available in our Dataroom.

3D Replays

The best of football in 3D

3D Replays is a company specialised in the area of 3D visualisation. Concentrating on sporting events, and football in particular, it produces effective reconstructions of player action and games, combining these with special effects and explanatory graphics.

In our Dataroom, the Italian media can find 3D videos on games and current sporting events.