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Every day a product on consignment


Chespeciali.it is the first portal of special instalments for sale: 230 publishing products presented with a marketing sheet and pages ready to be printed, perfect to achieve maximum turnover; 230 winning ideas to boost the number of advertisements without spending not even one more Euro compared to the money collected.


The best window every day

The proposed special instalments are studied to optimise the publisher’s and advertising agency’s efforts, and present four main requirements:

  1. TIMELINE: the suggested calendar follows that of great events and festivities.

  2. ORIGINALITY: it’s project offers 230 different titles; 230 perfect sector’s windows to transform any general media into an appealing product also for those who usually invest in sector’s magazines.

  3. WIDE RANGE: the internal contents of the same special instalment are intentionally different, in order to try to expand the range of action of each single product. Example: in the special instalment on “chocolate”, there are also cocoa messages, thus offering the opportunity to also involve wellness centres and stores selling aesthetic products.

  4. TESTED EFFICACY: the proposed titles are the result of the re-elaboration of publishing projects profitably implemented throughout Italy by advertising agencies.


Everything you need to think only to achieve turnover

Chespeciali.it is a complete tool box: the advertising agency will only have the task to fill the advertising spaces, while the rest will be supplied turnkey, from the study of the publishing product and tools to promote it, up to advertising articles.

  1. MARKETING SHEETS: each special instalment comes with a marketing sheet that explains the publishing product, sectors involved and advertisers hosted in the pages.

  2. LAYOUTS- MOCK-UPS: each product comes with one or more suggested mock-ups, indicating the advertising spaces; for instalments with larger issue, the indication of the theme dealt in each page is also proposed.

  3. OVER 3.500 PAGES READY: all pages have already been prepared and will be updated when released. The entire publishing offer is already visible, thus allowing the clients to view the graphic rendering and discussed topics.

  4. TURN-KEY ADVERTISING ARTICLES AND DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS: the client can entrust to Geo Editoriale the realisation of advertising articles and graphics concerning display advertisements.

  5. ANNUAL PROGRAMMING POSSIBILITY: with a notice of at least three months on the year of competence, marketing sheets and ready pages can be consulted and downloaded directly from Chespeciali.it’s portal.

  6. CUSTOMISATION OPTION: contents, formats, graphics, timelines, each characteristic of the marketing sheets, mock-ups and pages can be adapted to the specific needs of the publisher.


    • The portal: Chespeciali.it’s portal can be accessed through reserved passwords in order to consult the entire offer. Special instalments can be searched by keyword, suggested date of issue, product sector, type of advertisers that can be hosted.

    • Catalogue: the fully personalised book for graphics and contents can be delivered in more printed copies to the desired address.

    • Mock-ups: all mock-ups, downloadable in Pdf and Xls format, can be adapted to current modules and sizes, in order to dispose of optimal management systems of loaded materials.


Chespeciali.it project is enriched with an editorial section: a new catalogue of articles that combine journal content to infographics is born from the synergy between Geo Editoriale and L’Ego Editore.

In the 2018 proposal, 96 theme updates are present, each for each month: the goal is to tell anniversaries, events, holidays through an engaging page rich of information. This catalogue will be expanded and enriched with new ideas during the year, to be able to offer the appointment with this innovative column on a daily basis.

The articles featured in the catalogue are a proposal draft: they will be customised in terms of size, style and content. The editorial offices will be able to plan the in-depth themes for the entire year, choosing among those suggested and also requesting new ones. In this case, a team of journalists and infographic designers will work with the editorial office to build contents on demand, also on local themes, where infographics is integrated in the first page with images and text, and not confined to the photo box.


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