Games for everybody or customised

The games instalment is a summer “must-have”, however more and more newspapers are focusing on this additional content to offer an extremely sought-for added service to the read and to extend the newspaper’s stay inside homes and businesses. Two solutions are proposed:


Cost-effective however quality product, that cannot be personalised in terms of contents but it can be adapted in terms of formats, colours and layout fonts.


  • Introduction of columns and in-depth texts on topics of interest for advertisers: fashion, beach games, beauty tips, tourist destinations, recipes and wine and food focuses…contents able to appeal a larger public, therefore advertisers.

  • Introduction of advertising articles: we will introduce ourselves as agency’s staff, we will dialogue with the client to elaborate a draft until obtaining the printing preview for approval.

  • Personalised game themes: crosswords and other products can be conceived ad hoc according to certain areas of the city, tourist destinations, product sectors (pizzerias, para-pharmacies, wellness centres, etc.) to motivate advertisers to subscribe.

  • Introduction of a game section for children.


Crosswords, sudoku and not only: an innovative product line was created from the creativity of studiogiochi and programming skills of Web2Life, ideal to implement sites and apps. Multimediality is fully exploited with photos, audios, videos, time contests and tips for an engaging experience.

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