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Magazines registered in court, companies registered in the ROC (Registry for Communication Operators), chief editors and a pool of professional journalists hired pursuant to art. 1 FNSI. Because form is equally important as substance: the guarantee of reliability, also ratified at legal level, certifies the soundness of a group that combines the flexibility of a service to the compliance of rules and quality of a press agency.


L’Ego publishes L’Infografica, the only magazine dedicated to infographics, because the customer must be guaranteed the reliability of the news, in order to draw them. The editorial office relies on news flows from the main press agencies and checks all the sources from which it gathers information to build exclusive contents, with its team of professional journalists.

Geo News

Geo Editoriale edits Geo News, the first Italian Press Agency with a strong focus on ultra-local and sector information. A staff of professional journalists coordinates the networks of local collaborators. Geo News has tested a coordination system of local collaborators that also allows the optimal and economically sustainable management of already existing associated networks.

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