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Daily supply in its editorial system

Geo Editoriale provides national pages to various newspapers 7 days a week.

These are pages for international, national and regional issues: news, foreign affairs, politics, economy, sport, society and lifestyle, entertainment and culture.

This innovative service was introduced in 2012 and until 2017, our group was the only one to provide it. In the last 6 years, 9 newspapers have entrusted the production of national pages to Geo Editoriale (Provincia di Varese, Cittadino di Lodi, La Voce di Rovigo, Nuovo Quotidiano di Rimini, Cronaca di Piacenza, Prima Pagina Reggio, Prima Pagina Modena, Quotidiano del Friuli, Nuovo Corriere di Firenze). Our partner LaPresse supplies the interior and exterior affairs instalment to L’Arena di Verona, Il Giornale di Vicenza and Brescia Oggi.

A tested process therefore, with 12 newspapers and different editorial lines and organisational needs, working on 4 alternative editorial systems: unparallel know-how and numbers in the national territory.

By working directly in the client’s publishing system, we guarantee optimal graphic uniformity of the pages supplied with the graphics characterising the rest of the newspaper.

An option that relieves the client from any tedious task: they just need to confirm the page without editing files in pdf or other format.

Our editorial staff can proceed independently  in each work phase: it selects the topics customizing  the national contents according to the geographic location  and editorial cut; it prepares the mock-up; it mounts the pages and proceeds with the title, updating contents up to delivery.

A graphic department works on three shifts in order  to ensure constant support to visual communication needs,  with optimised graphics, tables and images.

Various layouts from which to choose

Two supply models of the interior and exterior affairs instalment were conceived and tested, with different functions and mechanisms:

  • It is possible to elaborate the pages in the client’s editorial system, in order to attain full graphic uniformity and better interaction between publishing offices.
  • Full legal and union support is guaranteed to manage the outsourcing process.
  • A free trial period is offered, with production of pages in addition to edited ones, which allows verifying in depth, the quality and functions of the proposed service.

Model A

More independent external editorial office, in coordination with the publisher’s editorial office which retains a supervisory role

Goal: in addition to acquire significant flexibility, this model allows to access relevant scale economies, relieving the editorial office from nearly any fee.

  1. Our editorial office proposes a list of topics for each page.
  2. The publisher’s editorial office approves the list, requesting any integrations or modifications, also with links to local in-depth information.
  3. Our editorial office proceeds independently with editing the pages and updating until printing
  4. The publisher’s editorial office can check production and request changes until printing.

Model B

External editing under close coordination of the publisher’s editors-in-chief

GOAL: in addition to acquire significant flexibility, this model allows to access relevant scale economies, relieving internal human resources from production tasks concerning internal and foreign affairs pages.

  1. The publisher’s editorial office designs the pages and indicates the topic for each article
  2. Our editorial office inputs the pieces, adjusts the sizes and updates them; it proceeds to a first titling and insertion of photographs.
  3. The publisher’s editorial office points out any significant updates, remodelling the pages in case of events that require a review.

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