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Sei, D’Arco, L’Ego… Since thirty years, we are telling news together with the main publishing groups, in an always clear  and engaging manner.

“L’Infografica” is the name of the magazine registered in Court and at the ROC (Registry for Communication Operators), thanks to which we completed the transformation from service to press agency, to ensure a path that will continue to combine tradition and innovation, experience and dynamicity.


SERVICE is guaranteed from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.7 days a week, 360 days a year, with extraordinary coverage option also 24 hours.

A staff

A staff consisting of 30 collaborators between graphic designers and journalists guarantees:

  • Constant flow update, with over 35 infographics proposed every day
  • The alert service promptly notifies the client’s publishing office in case of important news.

Smart interface

SMART INTERFACE for on demand: journalist and non-polygraphic staff will be in contact with the publisher’s editorial office. The above aims at reducing the processing times (and costs) of infographics for the client:

  • Lot of information can be taken for granted
  • It is possible to transfer directly articles, studies and reports without the need to select the material or sketch the graph layout select the material or sketch the graph layout

Access to the largest european historic archive

The client has access to a portal with intuitive search filters in L’Ego Editore’s historic archive, with thousands of products created in over 30 years of activity.

Personalization of the graph chosen by the proactive service

  • Graphics: the graph chosen by the proactive service is adjusted to the pantone colours, fonts and graphic layout of the newspaper. An important advantage also in view of the investment made by the publisher to optimise the newspaper’s graphics.
  • Sizes: when choosing the graphs, the journalist indicates the different sizes, thus receiving a custom product with optimal dimensions for the page layout. It will be no longer necessary to adapt the page to the sizes of the pre-elaborated graph.
  • Contents: the provided data will be personalised according to the requests and diffusion geographic area. For example: in respect to an Istat (Italian national statistical institute) note, emphasis on the GDP rather than public indebtedness can be requested; national monitoring of life quality in the province chief towns will be focused on the cities of the region or province.

You pay only the material you use

  • Possibility to access offers priced per usage, without fixed or minimum fees.

  • Possibility to identify complexity levels for each work and associate a specific and consistent price.

  • Checking features, with reports on consumptions, also weekly.

  • Alert in case of consumption exceeding the client’s preset budgets.

Three innovative product lines

1- Videographic channel

Web and social require new forms of infographics, native, animated, interactive. Thanks to the synergy with Vandone Film, the most important 3D design and animation studio, today the Ego is able to support the editorial staff also with videos that effectively and concisely tell the main news of the day.

2- CheSpeciali Editorial

A project that includes 96 editorial proposals that constitute the perfect content of a “save the date” column. Every week through the newsletter will be anticipated anniversaries, anniversaries and the most important current events recounted on a page where infographics, text and photos merge, leaving the box.

3- Infographic plus

Exclusive and high added value content:

  • In the year of the political elections, the exclusive collaboration with YouTrend starts: supermedia of political electoral polls, territorial focus, ad hoc analysis
  • Metrica provides surveys on behaviors and lifestyles that characterize the company and the market to L’Ego and its customers Other collaborations are about to be formalized with a single goal: to provide fresh, exclusive, quality news.

Some of our infographics:

Some of our videographics:


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