Editorial Services

In the world of information, a real-time revolution is underway: the change in the consumption habits of readers, the competition between increasing numbers of media outlets and, above all, the advent of the internet are transforming the entire sector. Speed and timeliness dominate the processes of production and dissemination, while the “struggle” to gain attention is focused on a new way of “packaging” the news, which favours visuals and primarily videos and images.

Many tailored editorial services

To tackle these changes – and to define them as epochal is no exaggeration – the focus should be on diversification and the quality of content offered each day. For this reason, publishers, who need to maintain very high standards to attract readers and advertisers, choose to work with reliable partners that are able to offer editorial services tailored to their needs, while ensuring flexibility, competence and economies of scale.

We at Hub Editoriale provide a complete offering to all publishers and advertising agencies that need to develop their business. Our industrial production model, combined with quality and the ability to tailor our work, guarantees scalable publishing services.


Our editors and our graphic design department have all the skills to produce promotional copy and prepare effective advertisements, guaranteeing prompt, thorough work and successfully handling even last minute projects.

Extra editorial products

We also take care of editorial projects in all phases of construction, from graphic design to content creation, to ensure a turnkey product.

Infographics and Videographics

Nowadays, infographics and videographics are essential tools for presenting news in a more engaging and effective way: stories, data and numbers, in fact, are easier to understand and can be memorised more easily if presented in a visual format. Our graphic design department and our journalists offer a service that is always up to date and tailored to the spaces available. In addition, in supplying infographics and videographics, Hub Editoriale is a flexible partner: the publisher pays only for what is actually used and an onerous financial commitment with long-term, binding contracts is not required.

Service Pages

The weather, the horoscope, the daily or weekly TV guide, the stock report, the sections dedicated to local cinemas and theatres are often the most read and popular pages among those who buy newspapers. Thanks to our ability to collect and manage data and content of this kind, we are able to provide every day – for all 365 days of the year – all service pages.

Special inserts

Timing, originality, diversification, effectiveness: these are the strengths of our special inserts, a unique showcase to attract advertisers interested in this type of initiative. 230 editorial products, 230 winning ideas for increasing advertising revenues can be found on our chespeciali.it portal.

Press Agency

Our two registered newspapers – L’Infografica and Geo News – and our team of professional journalists (pursuant to article 1 FNSI) are a guarantee of reliability, proven at a legal level, and attest the strength of our group and the trustworthiness of the news we share everyday through our editorial products and infographics.


Games are a must in the summer, but they are also appreciated throughout the year by enthusiasts, who love to keep their brains active between one news report and another. We also offer personalised suggestions, curious facts and columns that blend in with advertisers’ content.

Editorial Marketing

Increase in turnover from copy, advertising and contributions: these are goals we want to achieve alongside publishers. Thanks to Marketing Pro Media, our specialised business unit, we promote competitions and traditional marketing initiatives, not commonly used by the media, which aim to increase sales and turnover for publishers.

Domestic and Foreign Pages

We were the first, in 2012, to develop a service supplying domestic and foreign pages on a daily basis directly to the publisher’s system, easing the burden on customers. Our editorial staff are able to proceed independently at every stage of the process, from selecting topics to updating news.

Cartoons and Illustrations

Cartoons and illustrations also form a part of our editorial services; they illustrate (and provide commentary for) the day’s news in an ironic, biting way, providing an opportunity to laugh and reflect, something that is indispensable for many readers.

Editorial Services



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Service pages

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Infographic and videographic

Data visualization - video in motion graphics

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