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Editorial communication is our core business: over the years our team has grown around this activity and now counts 43 employees, including graphic designers, journalists and infographic designers, all with many years’ experience. For this reason, Hub Editoriale is the perfect partner for all businesses that wish to establish sector-specific magazines, books, inserts and extra editorial products.

For us, the activity of editorial design means offering a turnkey service that delivers an entire package to the customer or, alternatively, specific targeted actions. For our customers, having access to our skills and our network means drawing from a vast range of exclusive visual content, such as custom layouts, infographics and images. Alongside our editorial design service we also provide, for any type of product, full support in drafting content or, if required, proofreading.

The first step

Each publication, depending on the subject you wish to communicate, must have a recognisable visual style that is compatible with the target audience.

The first step towards establishing a publication of this type, therefore, involves the designing of new content formats or the redesigning of existing ones, which then leads on to the difficult but fundamental stage of graphic design, which also includes the transfer of the graphic layouts created. At the beginning of the editorial design process, our team – based on the customer’s needs – presents up to three different graphic proposals with varying characteristics. The aim is to identify, together with the customer, the most compelling design proposal, which also maximises brand recognisability.

At the heart of the product

Once the stylistic and graphic guidelines have been identified, the editorial work has been half completed. At the heart of any product that aims to engage homogeneous groups of readers is the creation of special editorial content. For this crucial stage, the customer can choose to provide the copy directly or request the support of our editorial office. To assist the editor, Hub Editoriale also offers its journalists, who have proven experience in the information search stage prior to writing the copy. Each editor knows that a good product is above all about the choice of topic and not only about how it is written. 

Additional services

The journalistic experience on which we rely allows Hub Editoriale to offer customers a valuable additional service: headline writing. Leave it to us: subheadings, headlines, subtitles and straplines are our daily bread and for this reason we chose to propose them as added value to our editorial design service.

If an editorial product passes into the hands of our professionals, the step towards success will be shorter than you could ever imagine.

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