Infographic design

Considering that 80% of people retain visual information even after several days, telling a story or delivering news by word alone at times is not enough for it to remain etched on the mind. For this reason, infographics are the ideal solution for communicating messages in an engaging and long-lasting way.

Our philosophy begins with the consideration that numbers cannot be misinterpreted, and for this reason infographics are the most explored and perfected way of visualising data. 

Describing a particular strategic process or the features of a product, or providing information on a particular sector by creating infographics means using a captivating tool that has the power to communicate – often more effectively than a simple text – using graphic elements and visual techniques with high impact.

An infographic is, therefore, a fresh, instant and interesting way to visually present information and may be used for different channels: print media – it’s no coincidence that this is the most popular choice for newspapers and magazines -, the web universe and social media, as well as for meetings and company presentations. 

Our work method

Our infographic design service is flexible and has the added value of being able to be tailored to the customer’s needs. Using any material supplied by the client and information gathered by our copywriters, we collectively agree the course of action to take in terms of creative-graphic style. If the tone of the communication is neutral, solutions and formats similar to those most used by the main newspapers and information websites can be utilised. There are no limitations to the format, the dimensions of which can be adapted to the context in which it is used.

In addition to creating exclusive graphics and layouts, we work with professional illustrators, who, with visual language, bring specific concepts to life.

Animated infographics

The classic infographic is the static infographic seen on the pages of newspapers. To meet the needs of different areas, particularly the internet and for meetings, Hub Editoriale also offers an animated infographic creation service. The idea is to give movement to data represented graphically, to literally “animate” a presentation, making it interactive and engaging for the target audience. 

With Hub Editoriale, communication never stops.

Here are some examples of infographics created by Hub Editoriale:

Infografica realizzata per Italo Foundation

Infografica realizzata per Italo Foundation

Infografica realizzata per Italo Foundation

Infografica realizzata per Cariverona

Infografica realizzata per Cariverona

Infografica realizzata per Life Biorest

Infografica realizzata per Studio Impresa

Infografica realizzata per Studio Impresa

Infografica realizzata per Ipsos

Infografica aziendale realizzata per Associazione Industriali Cremona

Infografica realizzata per Velebianche

Infografica costi produzione aziendale

Infografica aziendale con sondaggio

infografica aziendale - 7

infografica aziendale - utilizzo Waze

Infografica aziendale realizzata con grafici, stime e statistiche

Infografica realizzata sul black friday

Infografica ambiente

Infografica aziendale Latteria Sociale di Mantova

Infografica cane in casa

Infografica anziendale - 2

infografica aziendale automotive

infografica aziendale - 3

infografica aziendale - 4

infografica aziendale - 5

infografica alimentazione aziendale - 4

infografica aziendale - 5

infografica aziendale - 6

infografica sul caffè

infografica aziendale - 5

infografica aziendale - 6

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