An elaborate form of animated infographics is known as videographics or motion graphics video. It is a type of communication that is successful on the internet thanks to its empathetic ability to instantly transmit complex processes and concepts.

This doesn’t just apply to people, locations or industrial processes, but also the world of institutional, corporate and promotional information, which aims to disseminate data and statistics using motion graphics and 2D animation.

The communicative technique of video-marketing produces extraordinary results to put it mildly, bearing in mind that some 87% of those involved in brand campaigns use videos for their online strategies. Experts say that a video, in fact, is worth 1.8 million words and when added to an email increases clicks by 200%. 

Numerous companies, associations and foundations have chosen us to make their motion graphics videos, using this multifaceted tool in a wide variety of occasions: trade fairs (Assocalzaturifici), meetings (Condifesa), press conferences (Unione Italiana Food), reports (Anfia – Istat), social networks (Carrefour – Liberi Tutti), landing pages and company presentations (Doctor Hail, in two languages).

Every aspect of the creative process to produce an effective motion graphics video is followed by us, beginning with the brief with the customer, during which the aim of the communication, the budget, the audience, the occasions when it will be used and the technical characteristics requested are clarified. 

We therefore create a tailored proposal and, in the first instance, supply the customer with a static storyboard of the proposed video, with a graphic layout of each individual frame. After discussing the storyboard with the customer, we proceed to create the animation and then receive a final confirmation from the customer. We can also supply any technical support needed for uploading the video and for correctly utilising it on line.

The excellence of Hub Editoriale in creating motion graphics videos is confirmed by our collaboration with prestigious partners experienced in a particular area: La Presse, for example, is a leader is the video sector, with a team able to cover any type of event; recording and editing studios suitable for creating television broadcasts. The cooperation with Vandone Film, one of Europe’s leading companies in the animation sector, guarantees technical support for advanced editing process that few can boast.

Translation services using mother-tongue translators – designed for companies conducting business in foreign markets – is covered by the agency ViceVersaGroup, while Voice Studio provides the voiceovers for our customers’ videos, with vocal timbres suited to all needs.

Here are some examples of our videographics:

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