Animated infographic videos

Animated infographics

How can a concept, a story or numbers be illustrated in a simple way while ensuring they remain etched on the mind? With a video, or even better with an animated infographic video, the ideal way to explain intuitively whatever a company, an organisation or a foundation wishes to communicate.

But was exactly is it? An animated infographic video is a video of a few minutes that explains a specific topic using, in general, “static” infographic elements to animate a clip that grabs the attention while communicating its message in a particularly vivid and memorable way.

On social networks, digital information channels and, more generally, on the internet, this type of video is an effective way to stand out from the crowd, and for this reason many companies, associations and foundations choose to use this multifaceted tool for a whole range of events, ranging from trade fairs and meetings to press conferences and reports, as well as for company presentations. 

This trend is confirmed by statistics: some 87% of marketers use videos for their online strategies, while 59% of business executives prefer to watch videos rather than read text on the same work-related topic. Lastly, 77% of users watch videos right until the end.

Comprehensive consultancy and assistance

Hub Editoriale handles every aspect of the creative process involved in producing an effective animated infographic video. It all begins with the customer brief, during which the purpose of the communication, the budget, the target audience, the occasions used and the technical features (format, length, the presence or not of a voiceover or background music) are discussed.

We therefore create a tailored product and, in the first instance, show the customer a static storyboard of the proposed video, which may include an example of the script in video form or with voice-over – the basic details for which may be supplied by the customer or identified directly by journalists in the group – together with a graphic layout of each individual frame. After discussing the static storyboard with the customer, we then proceed to create the animation and, after final confirmation, deliver the file to the customer. We at Hub Editoriale can also supply any technical support needed for uploading the video and for correctly utilising it on line.

For animated infographic videos, our customers also have access to our excellent partners, each of whom is skilled in a particular area:

  • La Presse, undisputed leader in the video sector, with a team able to cover any type of event;
  • Vandone Film, one of Europe’s leading companies in the animation, 3D graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality sectors;
  • ViceVersaGroup, a pool of mothertongue translators for companies dealing with foreign markets;
  • Voice Studio, a point of reference in the audio production sector, with a selection of voice-over artists with different vocal timbres, as well as mothertongue artists.

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