Data Visualization

The common ground where creativity meets storytelling and journalism is data visualisation, namely the graphic representation of data, news and stories using maps, diagrams and graphs.

Data visualisation has different areas of application and can be an effective communication tool, not only for the media, but also for brands and companies that want to tell a story, transmit information or engage the public, using both traditional channels and on line.

Infografics, videographics, animated presentations: data visualisation may take on various forms, depending on the customer’s needs. Irrespective of the solution chosen, the advantages are considerable:

  1. Unbeatably succinct – Data visualisation results in an effective, high-impact summary of data, information and processes with any level of complexity 
  2. Watchword: engagement – Well-made graphics immediately attract attention and are etched on the mind of those looking at them
  3. Brand awareness goal – Using infographics, videographics and animated presentations sets any communication apart, raising brand awareness with valuable content, presented with coordinated, uniform, on-brand graphics
  4. Designed to stand out – Getting noticed isn’t easy today: data visualisation allows you to stand out with originality and decisiveness, capturing and retaining the attention of your audience in the medium-long term
  5. Published, not altered – Text can be altered, retyped, cut; infographics and videographics are published and shared as they were designed. The risk of biased or imprecise revision is eliminated: the message is delivered in its entirety. 

Our services

Data visualisation is the core business of L’Ego Editore, the oldest infographics and videographics agency in Italy, one of the cornerstones of our group. Thirty years of experience and continuous innovation are a guarantee of quality, flexibility and efficiency. Entrusting your data visualisation project to us means:

1. being able to count on our team, made up of professional journalists, copywriters and graphic designers who take care of every aspect of the process
2. saving a great deal of time, entrusting our journalists, if you wish, with looking for useful data for the infographics, videographics and animated presentations


Infographics, a tool based on high-impact graphic elements and visual techniques, delivers a message in a fresh, instant and interesting way for use on different channels: for the press, external or internal meetings, the web or social networks. Our service is flexible and our team tailor its work according to the customer’s needs. 

Animated infographic videos

Animated infographic videos are highly effective and for this reason increasingly used by companies, associations and foundations in various situations, ranging from trade fairs and meetings to press conferences and reports, as well as for social networks and the internet.

Professional PowerPoint presentations

Within the same sphere as data visualisation, we at Hub Editoriale also offer professional PowerPoint presentations, which are a useful tool for illustrating a talk or speech with images, diagrams, tables and bullet points. We offer a comprehensive service with high added value, ranging from graphic design, a stage during which three stylistically different visual solutions are proposed to the customer, to analysis and implementation of materials.   

Data Visualization

Presentazione dinamica in PowerPoint

Professional PowerPoint Presentations

Data visualization - Realizzazione infografiche

Infographic design

Data Visualization - Video infografica animata

Animated infographic videos