Raise interest, attracting and promoting loyalty among customers: this is the main goal of the newsletter service, a promotional and digital communication tool in the form of a magazine issued periodically, usually by email.

E-mail marketing in Italy is currently going through a phase of continuous growth, in quantitative terms but also in qualitative terms, with a penetration rate that is continually improving.

A newsletter that is well designed in terms of content and graphics is therefore fundamental and satisfies various purposes: 

  • Information
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales

It also an extremely versatile tool, able to appeal to a wide range of target audiences, such as

  • Current and prospective customers
  • Staff and partners
  • Stakeholders
  • General public

A bespoke service for optimal management

We at Hub Editoriale provide three types of support that complement one another, to ensure complete management of newsletters:

  1. Strategic design: by uniting publishing, technical and marketing skills – digital and traditional – our team, with the support of important partners in the same sector, works alongside the customer to create or redefine an effective newsletter.
  2. Technical support: with the support of strategic specialised partners, such as Web2Life, we can access optimal technical infrastructures, which can be customised and integrated with CRM and other applications.
  3. Publishing service: There are two elements that make a newsletter effective: the content, which should offer the reader added value, and the style, which should instantly grab attention, whether from a desktop or a mobile device. For both aspects, we at Hub Editoriale play a strategic role:
    1. By graphically perfecting, including through data visualisation, the content created by the customer
    2. By completing, with further details and additional pieces, the basic structure created by the customer
    3. By constructing the entire editorial product, from conception of the format and management of the calendar to production of individual articles, guaranteeing a complete newsletter that satisfies all needs

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