It’s true: the future of company communication will move increasingly towards digital channels. However, print media remains equally valid, as it is able to build trust and a high level of engagement among readers. In this category is the house organ, which may be an in-house magazine published by a company to inform its employees, or a newspaper directed at potential customers or parties interested in its activities.

In this respect the corporate house organ offers numerous advantages. Firstly, an excellent product – with well written texts, information presented in a clear and appealing way and high-quality photographs and images – enhances the company’s reputation, capturing the attention of a well-informed, loyal and influential audience. In addition, the messages transmitted via corporate newspapers last longer and are therefore highly effective; this, of course, does not rule out a digital version of the house organ.

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A high quality service

Thanks to a team of 38 employees and 60 collaborators, including graphic designers, journalists and infographic designers, all with many years’ experience, Hub Editoriale is the ideal partner for all businesses, such as companies, organisations and foundations, that wish to produce a house organ. In this respect, we offer a vast range of services suited to any budget, which range from graphic design and creation of page layouts to the search for news and writing of articles, as well as page layout of the house organ, the search for images and headline writing.

Additional services include the tailored production of infographics – one of our specialities – and cartoons and, lastly, the correction of drafts, consultancy to find the best technical and economic printing solution, and logistical support for distribution.

Furthermore, our team is also available to conduct interviews, to study and create the content and graphics of advertisements, and, lastly, to draft special inserts for periodicals or internal publications, newspapers or magazines.

Hub Editoriale therefore guarantees an excellent quality finished product, but also a smooth-running and swift collaboration – the team’s resources are available 360 days a year until 11.30 in the evening –, which customers define according to their internal organisation, as well as legal standing: Hub Editoriale also comprises a registered press office, with director and employed professional journalists.

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