Corporate reports, annual and sustainability reports are the identity card of every business as well as being documents that provide an in-depth insight into a company’s performance, initiatives and projects.

Designing layouts for corporate reports is, therefore, a strategic service that requires a combination of skills and creativity to produce clear and effective publications. 

The strength of numbers lies in their ability to depict a complex world: knowing how to represent them in the best way possible ensures that they are understandable even to non-professionals and helps the reader to make sense of “politically sensitive” dynamics.

Creating the corporate report

Nowadays, the editorial project that leads to the printing of a corporate report is considered much more than the fulfilling of a mere accounting obligation. Its features have changed over time, being now closer to the style of a company magazine or house organ, but with a distinctly analytical approach so as not to overlook its primary aim of reporting numbers, data and graphs.

Data visualisation and editorial graphics are work tools that Hub Editoriale makes available to its customers, the same tools that have enabled the group to become established as a leader on the national market for over 30 years. The group’s organisational skills, developed by working with top publishing groups, guarantee maximum efficiency in terms of price competitiveness and in terms of developing a functional product that meets the customer’s expectations, ensuring that time, an extremely valuable resource at this crucial stage, is saved.

Since producing a corporate report is to all intents and purposes a communication activity, it is important that it is drafted by professionals. Paying attention to every detail involves being adept in all aspects that may compromise the brand identity, namely, how a company chooses to present itself to the outside world and if possible leave a mark.

Hub Editoriale is able to design a product that can be rapidly transformed into other formats. In this way the corporate report can be published in the form of a single volume, a concise brochure, a press file with infographics, a videographic work or a dynamic PowerPoint presentation

Our team has developed highly specific skills in designing the layout of financial reports thanks to experience gained alongside companies, foundations and trade associations, as well as many years of experience with PwC producing annual reports for top Italian businesses. We have designed corporate report layouts for Fondazione Pia Opera Ciccarelli and Confartigianato Varese, among others.

Other case histories include the drafting of corporate reports, in collaboration with Aida Partners, for customers such as Lavazza and Carlsberg.

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