There’s no such thing as a perfect text: to be effective, it should be created and tailored to the criteria, needs and characteristics of different means of communication. This is especially true in the online world, where level of attention, mode of use and the presence of hyperlinks play a fundamental role, making web copywriting services an essential tool.

On the web there are numerous factors to consider which go beyond just “writing well”. Impeccable texts in terms of spelling and grammar are not enough: something more is needed.

Often – as is the case for blogs – it is necessary to create content on a regular basis, finding themes and topics that interest the target audience. In addition, attention must be paid to readability, which on the web means short paragraphs, simple syntax and skilful use of headings and subheadings; without forgetting the inclusion of links in the right places, to try to keep the reader on your site or portal.

Finally, it is necessary to keep SEO visibility at the forefront, a concept that is by now “pervasive” but that remains fundamental in order to position your webpages at the top of search engine results, allowing customers to easily locate them.

Writing text for the web, therefore, is not the same thing as writing for print media: it is important to have extensive experience within the sector and always remain up to date, focusing on continual training. These characteristics are in Hub Editoriale’s DNA: for years we have been working with specialised agencies (such as, for example, Site by Site) in creating and supplying blogs, websites and social profiles, while guaranteeing an optimal balance between price and quality, as well as a high level production capacity: this translates into valuable content on one hand, and constant support, 360 days a year, on the other. Finally, online, communication takes place not only with words: our group specialises in data visualisation and creates infographics and videographics that can add value to any publication.

Keeping this in mind, we offer a wide variety of web copywriting services for customers who are looking for the right words to establish a presence on the web consistent with their business objectives.


Everyone loves wonderful stories. Today it is no longer enough to list products and services, your audience must be involved, encouraging them to share your values and putting them in the shoes of those who have built up the company they wish make known.  Today storytelling is the key to presenting the “most human” face of a business, especially on line.


The blog is one of the most suitable tools for sharing content on line. It is in fact a fundamental opportunity for retaining your audience, for attracting new customers and for giving a personal image of one’s work. Thanks to our experience in web copywriting, we are able to interface with a range of different sectors, identifying the tone of voice best suited to different needs, respecting SEO logic, structuring the texts in an engaging way thanks to the correct use of headings, paragraphs and photos; all with speed and precision.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

E-commerce product descriptions are a real showcase for products and services: for this reason they must be presented at their best. We don’t copy from other platforms: we provide ad hoc texts, which are able to respond to both SEO needs and the needs of potential customers.

Press Releases

Thanks to our extensive experience in journalism, at the service of major national publishers, we know what newspapers and magazines want. For this we have all the skills to create effective press releases, which are able to “tease” newsrooms, thus increasing the likelihood of publication.

Web Content

Not just blogs, even the static part of a site must be written using text that follows the rules of the web. As with all other web marketing services, even in this case we can provide infographics and videographics to summarise data and numbers.

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