For any business goal – from the initial brand awareness stage to the final stage of conversion and retention – social networks are a treasure trove of possibilities, best used within the framework of a targeted strategy. For this reason, our aim is to offer customers social media copywriting services tailored to their needs and goals.

Why contact Hub Editoriale?

The “bad” news is that to control the languages of social platforms, it’s not enough to be active users. It is essential to understand the technical rules that lie behind rapid, interactive communication such as that found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, there is some good news. If a significant number of people use social media frequently, this means that the chances of everyone interacting with your target market are multiplied.

Once the social networks most suited to target users have been identified, our specialist contribution to the customer’s business involves social media copywriting, including the creation of an editorial plan with tailored social media content. Although the various platforms have some similarities, each requires copy that has a unique form and tone according to where it will be published and depending on the users it hopes to reach. A post that works well on Facebook, for example, is almost certain not to be suitable for Instagram or Twitter.

The golden rule of social media according to Hub

For us at Hub Editoriale each post on social networks is a direct reflection of the customer’s brand. The more it stands out for the excellence of its copy and smart visual content, the better the impact will be on the company, organisation or foundation in terms of credibility and approval.

For this reason, combining a well-written text with appealing graphic content is not enough. Social media copywriting has a fundamental role in capturing the interest of users and setting your business apart from competitors.

The ace up our sleeve

The real ace up the sleeve of Hub Editoriale is unique quality of the copy produced for the customer. We are the top Italian agency for the creation of infographics and videographics, which today dominate the digital world: suffice it to say that these are shared three times more than other content on social networks and have a much greater chance of going viral than a simple text or photographic post.

For what reason? Because they are original, innovative and recognise the need of the user to absorb useful information in the shortest time possible. The key to a successful social media copywriting strategy is, therefore, its visual and informative content, something we have been creating for over twenty years on a daily basis.

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