Online shopping is a continuously growing trend: only last year in Italy online sales volumes increased by 13.6%. However, to fully exploit the advantages offered by the internet, a showcase for products and services should be created on the website which communicates reliability and thoroughness. This is precisely the objective of e-commerce copywriting, which could be defined as the art of guiding the user towards conversion by using the most fitting language to achieve optimum search engine results.

E-commerce companies that want to generate leads and above all conversions must take into consideration two aspects that are complementary to achieving sales goals: firstly, they should follow Google’s SEO rules, which with very powerful algorithms evaluate the quality of each piece of text; then, it is important that each product description is clear and appealing, answering the user’s main questions and convincing him or her to make the purchase.

Copywriting for e-commerce pages requires highly specialised writing skills that only a team of professionals can guarantee. Hub Editoriale, with its attentive, dynamic approach, has proven to be the best ally for companies and businesses working in a wide range of product sectors.

Essentially, the e-commerce copywriting services we offer to businesses are numerous and deliver a complete package, which ranges from designing an SEO-focused landing page to supplying content to information pages and creating product descriptions, without forgetting our content marketing consultancy service, which has been made possible by our successful collaboration with the marketing agency Site by Site.

Trust is built…on line

Anyone who follows a business on line knows that consumers are won over gradually by building – through attractive presentation – “virtual” trust in a situation where interpersonal face-to-face contact is absent. For this reason, it is not enough to simply offer a product; it is essential to create a feeling of security that reassures the consumer. As in a physical point of sale, online customers have the right to know the terms and conditions of purchase and any information concerning the features of the item on display, as well as any perks of the service, such as special offers, discounts and fast shipping, which should be given prominence.

Our business strategy for an e-commerce shop, then, is to create web pages that clearly inform users of returns policies, shipping methods, terms of use and other basic information depending on the product in question. In addition, knowing the target market is key to fulfilling wishes. How? By creating special inspirational pages that act as a filter for establishing a meaningful relationship with the potential purchaser, for example, by telling the company’s story and illustrating the brand’s distinctive set of values.

Relevance and engagement

Anyone marketing a product or service on the internet requires a useful tool such as a landing page. For us, offering e-commerce copywriting services means creating a synergy between a paid advertisement published with Google Ads and the web page to which the ad leads: the landing page. We are experts in identifying the keywords associated with an ad, creating a relevant, engaging landing page, the aim of which is to then direct traffic to the actual website.

Unique, univocal content

At the heart of every respected e-commerce website are its product descriptions. One of the advantages of using us is that you can count on a team of journalists and web copywriters who are specialised in writing original content. Consistency and thoroughness, in fact, are only functional if combined with topic-specific content that Google is able to recognise as univocal on the web and unique in terms of quality.

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