Copywriting for company blogs is a valuable resource for anyone wanting a website that is popular and, above all, has a good conversion rate. The quality, originality and regularity of blog posts on a web page may, in fact, determine the success of an SEO strategy over time. Starting a quality company blog also helps supply social media profiles and has the added advantage of being able to promote, to a wider audience, a link that brings traffic to its website.

The winning features of a blog

A blog that works must contain articles that, as far as possible, deal with a specific topic and are original. Since the aim of a blog is to meet a need, whether to satisfy the curiosity of the reader or provide information to a user, it is essential that regular posts are published. Benefitting the most from a consistently planned editorial strategy will be your company’s image, which the user will associate with a quality service that far exceeds the boundaries of the business.

Considering the strategic role that copywriting for company blogs plays today, improvising as a blogger or giving the task to a non-specialized in-house staff member may have negative consequences on the company’s business and brand identity. Relying on our agency, instead, means receiving a prompt service tailored to any need. Our professional journalists and copywriters have many years of experience in curating company blogs and know precisely how to make posts appealing, interesting and persuasive.

Our operating strategy

Our plan of action, after listening to the history and aims of the customer – and identifying the core business – involves preparing a specific editorial plan for the company blog with a number of posts scheduled monthly and shared promptly with the customer. It will be our responsibility to search for relevant news and information, and custom-create effective and engaging content to be incorporated into campaigns that are consistent with the strategy implemented for social networks.

An exclusive strong point

Lastly, our strength lies in our possibility to animate blogs with infographics and videographics, thereby taking advantage of all the potential of data visualisation to promote our customers’ business. Enhancing a blog post with information in graphic form increases its impact on the audience, who can grasp key points from concise visuals without spending time reading. The same holds for videos, which have the advantage of engaging the viewer with a powerful visual story: as it is said ‘one minute of video is worth a 1.8 million words!’ The professional blog copywriters at Hub Editoriale are ready to support any customer with an effective, targeted editorial plan.

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