It is impossible not to communicate: anyone who has to, each day, liaise with their stakeholders and reach out to potential customers in order to grow their business, knows this well. A mission that isn’t easy, given the growing number of messages, platforms and tools available. For this reason, it is essential to rely on copywriting services that are able to make the most out of web-based communication.

Creating content for the web is very different to creating content for print media. Particular attention must be paid to readability whilst capturing readers with clear, engaging texts, images and videos, as well as facilitating sharing on sites and social networks, so as to get your message to all potential customers.

Without forgetting, of course, the importance of bringing your website to the forefront of search engine results, placing it at the top of the SERPs. For this reason, particular focus should be placed on the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Thanks to our experience in the field of communication, to our ongoing focus on training and to our collaboration with important agencies in the sector (such as Site by Site), we are able to guarantee content of a high standard, with an excellent balance between quality and price, and constant support, 360 days a year.

Our copywriting services are adapted to the specific needs of the client, using a writing style that is able to accommodate different tones, messages, content and channels.

Seo copywriting

In the vast ocean that is the internet, making sure that you are found by potential customers is a difficult task. For this reason, it is necessary to put all the appropriate tools in place so that you stand out from the crowd: suffice it to say that being number one in Google results gets you, on average, 32.5% of search traffic. This gives you an idea of how important it is to choose an SEO copywriting service that knows how to structure the text correctly, using headings, subheadings and photos as effectively as possible.

Copywriting for blogs

Blogs are a fundamental tool for engaging readers. They offer a more informal approach than other channels, help to increase visits to your website, create greater trust and improve indexing. This is why it is important to produce quality content that gives added value to readers. At Hub Editoriale we provide tailor-made content designed to meet SEO requirements, treating each sector competently, thanks to a team of journalists and copywriters with different specialisations and aptitudes. To make the articles more interesting, we provide catchy and easy-to-share infographics and videographics.

E-Commerce Copywriting

Those who create content for e-commerce must put themselves in the shoes of potential customers, trying to answer all their questions. On line, the intervention of a physical seller is absent: for this reason it is necessary to be as clear and comprehensive as possible. Our team offers a professional copywriting service for e-commerce, with bespoke content, written impeccably and attractive to both readers and search engines.

Copywriting for Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … all social networks are a story unto themselves. They are important communication channels for businesses and can be targeted to different audiences. For this reason, we offer content that captures attention and can be easily shared.

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