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Although images are most certainly the stars of company communication, we should not forget the informative, narrative and evocative power of words. They are, in fact, still crucial to editorial products, the web or print media, capturing, engaging and retaining customers. House organs, copywriting, newsletters and corporate reports are important tools, and for this reason it is essential to rely on experts who have a perfect mastery of words.

Our services

Our group has a thirty-year history in publishing particularly in the areas of content creation and graphic design, promoting innovation and research together with some of the largest national and international publishers. Entrusting your project to us means being certain of having at your disposal writers and creatives who, each day, edit the pages of newspapers, periodicals and books for many important publishing groups: magazines for Rai.Com and Mediaset, series, news and themed inserts for every type of newspaper, from Sole 24 Ore to Corriere della Sera.

The production of over 40,000 pages each year is just a part of our daily work, which also includes the creation of web and social network content for companies such as Miele and Gibus, as well as the design of entire vertical channels or minisites to attach to the main website. 

House organs

One of the editorial products handled by our team is the house organ, a term that, on the one hand, means an in-house magazine, and on the other, a newsletter aimed at potential customers. The aim? To promote loyalty among the target audience and increase the brand’s standing. We at Hub Editoriale are able to handle all stages: from graphic design to layout of the product.


Communicating online is no longer an option but a necessity. Writing for the web or social networks requires specific skills that are different from those required for print media. On this subject, our group offers bespoke copy for a wide variety of channels of medium-high quality.

Creating newsletters

The newsletter is an e-mail marketing tool useful for informing, selling and increasing brand awareness. Our group offers a triple service: strategic design, technical support and publishing, taking care of style and content. 

Corporate report design and layout

The corporate report is a summary, in numbers, of your activity and for this reason is a showcase for the company, every detail of which should be carefully nurtured. Thanks to our services, we can illustrate data in the best possible way, making it understandable even to non-professionals. We follow every type of report – financial and corporate as well as skills profiles – and deliver them in the most effective formats

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