Publishers and agencies

Hub Editoriale works on a stable basis with 90% of the publishers on the Italian market.

Among the main print media organizations using the group’s services are Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, QN, Avvenire, Il Giornale, La Gazzetta dello Sport and almost all regional newspapers from Trento to Palermo.

In addition to daily newspapers, Hub Editoriale also has many customers producing periodicals, such as those of the Mediaset Group, Rai Libri, Gente, Oggi, and among the advertising agencies and, in fact, works with Manzoni, Cairo Communication, Piemme, Spe and Sport Network. Furthermore, some established partnerships envisage an exclusive collaboration with Hub Editoriale: the group has been the only supplier of infographic services for all the publications of the Rcs MediaGroup for over 20 years.


Local newspapers