Geo Editoriale

The most important
national service.

Geo Editoriale is a press agency specialised in editorial products of journalistic origin with a high graphic content. Founded in March 2012 by a group of young aspiring journalists and editorial designers, the company has built a strong reputation from scratch and now works with the most important regional newspapers from Sicily to the Canton of Ticino: reliability, flexibility and quality are the pillars on which, in just a few years, the country’s most important and qualified publishing service has been built.

Flagships products include the creation of sections on domestic and international news for local newspapers: from conception to print run authorisation, working in 4 different publishing systems, the editorial staff of Geo Editoriale serve 10 different newspapers every day, dealing with topics such as politics, news, economy, sport and culture. The format created by Geo Editoriale was used as a model in 2015 by LaPresse and in 2017 by Ansa.

Each year, over 40,000 pages, including specials on specific products, reportages, advertisements and news pages, are produced by editorial staff, published throughout Italy and viewed by millions of readers.