Professionals of excellence
in data visualisation

L’Ego is Italy’s oldest agency specialised in data visualisation. The company, which took over the legacy of Sei and D’Arco Editori (of which it holds trademarks and historical archives), became part of the Hub Editoriale group in 2017. For thirty years, the aim of the company has been to report the news, together with the most important publishing groups, in a clear, engaging manner using infographics and videographics published in all national media outlets. Justifiably, L’Ego has been the exclusive supplier to Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport for twenty years, as well as another 27 daily newspapers including Avvenire, Giorno and Giornale.

With an average production of 3,000 infographics on demand per month and as many static visualisations and videos added to the flow of proposals, L’Ego is also the most prolific data visualisation producer in the world. On the initiative of the company, in September 2018 a network of the world’s main producers of infographics and videographics was founded: Agence France Presse, Reuters, Efe, Statista and 3d Replays are just some of the most important members. These agencies produce and disseminate news in the form of data visualisations to the world’s most important publishers: a valuable channel, which is now available to companies and institutions.