Strength lies in numbers

Hub Editoriale was founded as a result of the synergy between several market leaders.

The union of some of the most important companies working in the areas of media and information resulted in Hub Editoriale: a group whose goal is networking different skills, professionalism and know-how to serve some of the most important Italian publishing groups. The experience and excellence of the companies that make up Hub Editoriale has also been available for several years to firms, organizations and foundations: communicating with the media through whoever is the strategic partner of all national publishers and the principal international agencies is the best guarantee of an efficient investment.

Our mission
Hub Editoriale’s mission is to provide its customers with high quality communication services and editorial products at sustainable prices, ensuring that our most valuable resource – time – is saved. The solutions proposed are made to order by assessing the specific needs of the customer, resulting in a win-win situation: effective communication means, for the customer, tangible revenue, an increase in sales, and a stronger brand.

The values we share
Hub Editoriale prospers thanks to the commitment and daily work of a selected and continuously growing team of staff, who actively share the fundamental values of the company: respect for people and rules, dignity of work, participation, transparency and fostering of the entrepreneurial spirit of each and everyone.

Some figures
The Hub Editoriale group has two working founding members and 64 employees divided between the two offices in Verona and Milan. The work force comprises 25 journalists and 31 professional editorial graphic designers. The team mix is unique: the average experience is over 10 years, the average age is 33 years old: a perfect balance of freshness and preparation. In addition, the group uses a network of 60 correspondents who are specialized in different areas. Over the past fifteen years the synergic work of this great team has generated average growth of 30%.

The oldest company specialized in infographics, today L’Ego sets the standard for videographics and video animation.

A press agency specialized in the production of editorial products of journalistic origin with a high graphic content.

Hub Editorial’s “business unit” specialized in analysis and complex marketing projects focussed on increasing revenue. 


Hub Editoriale works on a stable basis with partners of excellence to ensure efficient and thorough services are provided to its customers. In 2018 Hub Editoriale founded a worldwide consortium between the main data visualization agencies.